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Massage Kelowna

From – the benefits of massage therapy are well known. If you are contemplating getting a massage for the first time, it is essential to first acquire information regarding the various types of massages present. This will ensure you can select the type which is suitable for you. With the complete information in hand, you can decipher which of the type of massage therapy would provide you with the results that you are looking for. We are now going to discuss some of the common types of massage therapies that people opt for.

Swedish Massage Therapy

This is the most common type of massage that people opt for. It is a simple massage in which the therapist makes use of smooth strokes along with a kneading action. They perform circular movements on the superficial layers of muscle. A massage lotion or oil is also used in this therapy. This therapy is highly relaxing and is usually opted for by those who are looking to de-stress themselves.

Aromatherapy Massage

In this massage therapy, one or more scented plant oils are used. Therapists tend to opt for those oils which have the ability to relax you and reduce your stress levels. One of the most common essential oils used for the purpose is lavender. This therapy is suitable for those who are combating emotional issues.

Hot Stone Massage

This massage therapy is suited for those who face muscle tension and want a massage that would be light in nature. In this therapy, heated and smooth stones are placed in certain areas of the body. The purpose is to warm and loosen the tight muscles and create a balance in the energy centers in the body. Sometimes, the therapist might also apply gentle pressure on your body with the stones to provide you with comforting warmth.

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage is targeted at the deeper layers of the muscle and connective tissue. In this therapy, the therapist makes use of slow strokes. It is used to provide relief from tight or painful muscles. Postural problems can also be relieved with this therapy, and recovery from injuries can be speeded up. It is essential to keep in mind that one might feel sore for a couple of days following a deep tissue massage.

Pregnancy Massage

As the name suggests, this therapy is aimed to provide relief to expecting mothers. Therapists who perform this massage are certified for the purpose. They need knowledge regarding the proper way to give support to the woman’s body and change the technique if required. The purpose of this therapy is to reduce stress and relieve pain. It also proves to be effective in decreasing swelling and reducing anxiety and depression.

Finding the right therapist

We have discussed some of the common massage therapies offered by most centers. You should opt for the therapy that would fulfill the goal you have in mind. If you are unsure about what to choose, you should let the therapist know about the results you are looking for and they would be able to guide you in the right manner.

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